In 2020 Aling Conel has started to sell products on the largest European Amazon marketplace. (Germany) is the second largest amazon marketplace in the world after (USA) with total annual sales of approximately 22.23 billion USD (Germany). 

In doing so, Aling-Conel takes advantage of Amazon logistics and is able to offer products as same-day dilivery for German customers in many regions of the country.

After the successful launch in 2020 with the product lines PowerLine and Prestigeline, Aling Conel will make further parts of its product range available for the Amazon marketplace. In 2021, more product lines will be made available and further European marketplaces will be conquered ( France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland).



PRESTIGE line vam predstavlja novu liniju proizvoda CRNI SOFT TOUCH sa završnim efektom mekim na dodir.

Svi proizvodi se mogu pronaći u ponudi sa oznakom xxx.E1E1.



Proizvodni program EXPERIENCE obogaćen je ponudom 2 nova proizvoda:

- art.71022 Prirubnica sa metalnim umetkom EXP 2M za šuplji zid

- art.71122 Prirubnica sa metalnim umetkom EXP 2M sa stegačima


Korišćenje prirubnica sa metalnim umetkom obezbeđuje olakšan rad prilikom montaže na neravne površine zida.






The EXPERIENCE production program has been enriched with the offer of a new item:






Ideal for lighting staircases, dark parts of hallways and passages

Usable in all enclosed spaces, both in residential and business and public spaces.


We welcome this Easter in challenging and difficult times. As a symbol of the eternal duration of true values, let this holiday be your source of hope and a roadmap to a future filled with tolerance and understanding. May it be your opportunity to showcase the greatest Christian virtues such as peace, love and mutual respect.

We wish you good health and a happy Easter, spent in peace with your loved ones.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


In the period 21-23. February 2020, the ELEC-TEC fair was held in Athens (Greece). Global trends in electrical installations, lighting and security systems, as well as in all related categories are presented along with smart networking solutions for homes and professional buildings.

A large number of exhibitors and visitors make this fair one of the most significant in Greece.

ALING-CONEL products were presented at the fair by our authorized business partner ELVIK ELECTRIC from Thessaloniki. Our cooperation lasts for three years and during that time we managed to position ourselves on the Greek market and confirm the quality of our products.

We thank ELVIK ELECTRIC and their wonderful owners for their trust and this great trade show.


At the end of 2019, ALING-CONEL signed a distribution agreement with one of the largest constructions and trading houses in Russian Federation - STD PETROVICH.

STD PETROVICH has been operating in the Russian Federation market for over 20 years with a current network of 20 construction malls. 

ALING-CONEL products can be purchased at all PETROVICH shopping malls or through the PETROVICH web shop.


New products are made to replace old bathroom switch sets and can be mounted into existing mounting boxes like: ALING-CONEL, Metalka, Nopal, Elid, Sigma, TEM, Elektromaterijal Lendava, Elektrokontakt, Standard. These products can be also mounted into new installations also (mounting boxes 4M).  

UNIVERSAL bathroom sets VERTICAL are produced in two versions:

       art.72323.00 Bathroom switch set 3x16A 250V with indication

       art.72324.00 Bathroom switch set 4x16A 250V with indication

Modern design in EXPERIENCE line can easily fit into all spaces. Buttons and decorative frames can be easily changed if interior requires maching colors. Buttons, besides white color, are produced in standard beige, soft black and silver color. Decorative frames, besides white are produced in beige/beige, beige/black, black/black and silver/silver color.


Are you creating a new or renovating an existing space? Not sure what module to install?

We have a perfect solution for you.

ALING-CONEL's new 2M blank module in ALING MODE and EXPERIENCE will solve the gap until you decide which socket or switch you want to install.

There are two colors available in the ALING MODE program:

  • art.65002.0 Mask cover 2M white
  • art.65002.A 2M anthracite mask cover

There are four colors available in the EXPERIENCE program:

  • art.70002.0 Mask cover 2M white
  • art.70002.9 Mask cover 2M cream
  • art.70002.E1 Mask cover 2M black soft
  • art.70002.S Cover mask 2M silver 

Contact our sales team for more information.


ALING-CONEL, as a responsible manufacturer, is constantly investing in standardization and certification processes. For ALING-CONEL, certification means a security because products are developed in a sustainable manner based on international and domestic standards.

For customers, the certificates represent safety and reliability in the application of the product.

In the middle of the year ALING-CONEL expanded its certificate range with VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker) certificate for brands PRESTIGE and EON. VDE tags confirm compliance of products with national and international standards, as well as fulfill the requirements of the legal protection. VDE tested products reflect state-of-the-art technology and offer enhanced legal security in case of unexpected problems in the application of products in everyday use.

The VDE Institute, based in Frankfurt am Main, was founded in 1893, and with a tradition of over 125 years, represents the most renowned Institute for Product Certification.

Possession of the VDE certificate and the ability to place the VDE logo on the product for the production company is a confirmation of the superior quality of the product and the safety of its use. ALING-CONEL will have a VDE mark on the back of the body of the product by the end of 2019 on all switches and sockets.

VDE certificates for PRESTIGE and EON brands can be downloaded from the ALING-CONEL website, in the download section or directly from the VDE Institute site.